Community Based Rehabilitation For Person With Disabilities

Disability is a major issue affecting the lives of people especially living in the rural regions of our operational area. It may be due to several reasons such as marriage among blood relations, lack of nutritious food, accidents, late or early birth, infectious diseases such as Chicken Pox, jaundice, mental health problems, brain fever at time of pregnancy or so on. Our target people do not have any basic awareness towards the causes of disability. The people with disabilities did not get any support from government or private sectors. These people are often considered as a ‘curse’ in their family and society by God. They are socially excluded from mainstream society. Their potentialities are not understood by the society. It is high time to help these people bring out their abilities and make them active performers in society. In order to ensure mainstreaming our people with disabilities PES is actively providing Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes. These programmes enable the target people to be socially included and enjoy human rights and lead independency and attain self esteem in life. This activity includes giving mobility access, training, vocational skills, formation of Integrated Self Help Groups, assigning leadership roles and promoting respect, exhibiting their inborn talents and skills, income generation, utilizing the social security schemes, lobbying and advocacy. PES regularly observes World Disability Day.