Mahathma Mutually Aided Cooperative Society

Prathap Educational Society believes in the own strength and capacities of the grassroots level people themselves and encourages them to become self reliant through establishment of cooperative societies. Similarly Prathap Educational Society organised the people and formed the Mahathma Mutually Aided Cooperative Society. This society was registered under the Mutually Aided Cooperative Society (MACS). It comprises of 1800 members. All the members belong to the below poverty line. The purpose of establishing this cooperative society is to promote self reliance and a dignified life among the marginalized members. Today this cooperative society is successfully implementing programmes such as the following:

  • Food Security Programme
  • Dairy Management
  • Bio-Pesticide Manufacture
  • Organic Manure Manufacture
  • Cattle Fodder Manufacture

All members of the cooperative society are covered under the insurance scheme. All social security and rights of the members are availed from various government department from time to time. This cooperative society has also been visited by the NABARD and many other agencies as a pilot model. Today the members began to lead a self reliant life earning adequate income and enjoying improved quality of life. Now keeping in view the health and educational needs of the members and their children, this Cooperative Society is intending to start a hospital, vocational training and a community college offering many vocation based courses including nursing, paramedical and other courses of study. Prathap Educational Society is the facilitator of this Cooperative Society.