Our Projects in The Pipeline

Rural demonstration & training centre - integrated farming

Though the farmers are given education on various themes from time to time, Prathap Educational Society is desirous of creating a model demonstration farm. The purpose of this farm is to demonstrate the best cost effective forms of integrated rural farming and thereby to impart regular training to the farmers. This will have a combination of dairy, goatry, piggery, poultry, freshwater fish culture, vermicompost and bio-pesticide production unit, cattle fodder preparation unit, green house, nursery garden and cultivation of maximum raise able food grains under one singly roof. In order to promote this Prathap Educational Society has taken 10 Acres of continuous Land on lease in the three districts respectively. Prathap Educational Society also has decided to purchase the farm related products and market it at a large scale to different parts of the district wherever demand for such product is felt more. This can contribute to regular land use and to promote regular cultivation and income generation.