Sexual & Reproductive Health Promotion

Risky Sexual Behaviour is exercised by the adolescents and adults living within our operational area. Premarital sex relations are commonly seen among the adolescents. Adolescent girls are exposed to sexual harassment, sexual abuse and coerced sex. Myths and misconception about sex and human reproduction is common among the adolescent peers. Sex is exercised with out using any protective measures. Hence adolescents and women are infected by sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and girls are frequently induced for unsafe abortions executed by traditional unqualified practitioners. Adolescents knowledge about sex, sexuality, family planning and reproduction is very low. Sex education is not imparted either by their parents or by their teachers at school. Developmental changes in the body are perceived by adolescents with greater difficulty and mental stress. Extramarital sex relations are also commonly seen among the married adults. Unprotected sexual relations lead to rapid spread of STD / HIV / AIDS. In order to prevent these emerging issues, Prathap Educational Society organizes periodic awareness generation at community level on various themes such as condom promotion, family planning, HIV / AIDS, STD and RTI. It regularly conducts abstinence based sex education programme in various schools and rural communities in our operational area.