Water Sanitation & Hygiene

Majority of our villages in the operational areas lack access to safe drinking water. The minimum available sources of drinking water are contaminated with fluoride and causes health related issues among the marginalized inhabitants. With the aim of ensuring the access to safe drinking water to all people in our operational villages, Prathap Educational Society installed water purification plants in many villages. Prathap Educational Society is taking all efforts to provide access to all people for gaining safe and protected drinking water. Lack of Sanitation facilities and poor Hygiene behaviour practiced by young children and adults is greatly affecting the quality of life of people in the rural villages. Sanitation facilities such as latrine facilities are not available to people in our operational villages. Schools and colleges in our operational areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities. Defecation is done in the open ground. Pollution is rampant and waterborne diseases are posing a great threat to the lives of people living in the rural areas of these districts. Incidences of drop out rate especially among the girls are also steadily increasing. This increase in the drop out rate of girls may be due to lack of privacy and sanitation facility in schools and colleges. Prathap Educational Society organizes school sanitation and hygiene education and other community sensitization programmes so as to create behaviour change among the people. Construction of household sanitary latrines, community sanitary latrine complexes, School sanitary latrine complexes are also some of the important activities Prathap Educational Society is engaged in to since our inception. Still more other infrastructural development such as latrine construction, arranging for safe drinking water is found to be the need of the hour. This programme is found to be more effective and creates better impact on improving the rural health of the rural community.