Women Empowerment Programme

The quality of life of women was so pathetic and their role was always restricted only within the four walls of the house. They did not enjoy any freedom and were totally hidden from the external world. Their rights were violated and were exposed to various types of exploitations. In order to ensure a better quality of life to the women and safe guarding the rights of women, Prathap Educational Society organised these women into Self Help Groups (SHG). The purpose of organizing these SHG is to empower women socio-economically by inculcating the value of unity, habit of thrift and small savings and promoting appropriate income generation activities. Similarly PES organised SHGs in all the 275 gram panchayats and has created awareness to the women on various social themes such as health and hygiene, water and sanitation, entrepreneurship development programme, alternate skill trainings, life skill training, Sexual and Reproductive health. Now PES is preparing the group members in terms of developing microenterprise thereby to generate regular income and become self reliant in life. Today we have a total membership of 5500 women as its members.