Women Farmers Club

In order to fight against the poverty stemming out from drought or due to contaminations caused to soil due to extreme use of chemical fertilizers, Prathap Educational Society organised the women farmers in to farmers clubs. The purpose of these clubs is to generate awareness among the farmers on best farming practices and to promote natural resources management. Similarly Prathap Educational Society formed these clubs in all 275 villages. These groups are linked to banks. Regular trainings and awareness campaign on various themes such as organic farming, bio-pesticide production, low cost farming technology such as zero tillage, drum seeder, drip irrigation, single seed, bio-gas, crop management. Vermicompost and soil testing techniques are imparted to the members. Various farming activities such as preparation and utilization of organic manure, biopesticide, tree plantation are demonstrated to the farmers and are regularly implemented by these farmers clubs. These clubs are supported by NABARD. Today we have a total membership of 5500 women as its members.